Xolair Copay Assistance Programs

Xolair Copay Assistance Programs

The are multiple Xolair copay assistance programs available to help you with your Xolair copay.  Whether you have prescription insurance, no prescription insurance, or if your under insured.

XOLAIR Co-pay Card Program

Those who qualify for the Xolair co-pay card program can use the Xolair copay card to reduce their copay.  This program can help save up to $4000 over a 12 month period.  You pay 20% of your Xolair copay with the Xolair copay card.  You can register for your  or even check your Xolair co -pay card balance.

Xolair Co-pay Foundations

If you don’t qualify for the Xolair copay card program you may be able to find support from .  XOLAIR Access Solutions  is a xolair copay assistance program that may be able to help refer you to a co-pay foundation.  If you’re denied coverage by one foundation, they may be able to help you get coverage from another one.

Genentech Access to Care Foundation

Qualified patients, who do not have a health plan that pays for Xolair, can receive help from .  This program will help those who qualify receive their Xolair medicine free of charge.  Whether your insurance doesn’t cover Xolair or you don’t have insurance GATF may be able to help you.

XOLAIR Starter Program

If your insurance company requires a Prior Authorization for your Xolair prescription or they are just taking their time in covering Xolair the Xolair Starter Program may work for you.  If your doctor wants you to start your Xolair right away this program may help provide you with up to 12 weeks of Xolair medication.  Your doctor will need to contact the Xolair Starter Program in order to see if your qualify.


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