NUEDEXTA Patient Support Programs, Savings Programs, Co-Pay Assistance Programs

NUEDEXTA offers support for those who take this medications.  They have 3 programs available:

1. Reimbursement Support
-They will help with your insurance reimbursement by confirming coverage of NUEDEXTA, informing you of any required co-payment, and assisting with required paperwork. 1-855-4NUEDEX (468-3339)

2. Co-Pay Assistance Programs
-If you have private insurance, a co-pay card will allow you to pay no more than $30 for NUEDEXTA. Certain restrictions apply.

3. Out of Pocket Assistance Programs – Medicare Part D
-Avanir supports Patient Services, Inc. (PSI), a national nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to people with chronic illnesses who cannot afford their pharmacy co-payments. PSI has a co-payment program for Medicare Part D patients that may be able to help lessen the burden of out-of-pocket expenses.


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