Lastacaft Coupon 2014

Lastacaft Coupon 2014 ~ Lastacaft Manufacturer Coupon

Lastacaft coupon 2014 is a manufacturer coupon offer for up to $15 in instant savings.  To receive your $15 in savings all you need to do is fill your prescription within 7 days of your doctors written RX.  Of course you will need to present the Lastacaft coupon 2014 offer to the pharmacy (along with your prescription) in order to receive the instant savings.

Now if you don’t fill your Lastacaft prescription within 7 days of the written RX date you wont save as much on your prescription.  If you wait 8 or more days to fill your prescription you will only receive a $10 instant Lastacaft savings.

Any person who is participating in Medicare, Medicaid, ANY federal/state healthcare program, or  pharmaceutical assistance programs is not eligible for this savings offer.

Lastacaft Pharmacy Discount Card

If you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover Lastacaft prescription you can use the Lastacaft coupon 2014 offer along with this Free Pharmacy Discount card and save even more.  Just simply print the Free Pharmacy Discount Card then present it to the pharmacy along with the Lastacaft Manufacturer Coupon and save.

The Free Pharmacy Discount Card may save you money on any of your medications, it is not insurance but a discount card for prescriptions.

Lastacaft Coupon 2014



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