iBGStar Test Strips Coupon

iBGStar Test Strips Coupon Information

Save on your iBGStar test strips with the iBGStar test strips coupon a.k.a. Star Savings program.  You will recieve up to $25 off your purchase of up to 50 test strips. If you purchase 100 iBGstar test strips you will receive up to $45 off your prescription.  In most cases this will reduce your copay to $20 for your iBGStar test strips.

IBGStar Glucose Meter Device Registration

When you register your iBGStar glucose meter you receive a vial of 10 test strips for free.  Along with the free vial of test strips you can sign up for refill reminders and email updates.

Refill reminders can be sent by either text message or e-mail and they will remind you when you need to refill your prescription.

The e-mail updates will help you keep informed with new product information and update information for your iBGStar device.



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