Free Local Blood Pressure Monitor Coupon

Unfortunately this free monitor is no longer available and the BP Sucess Zone Program from NOVARTIS has been discontinued.  They have changed the program to the GET ON TRACK program. For more information go to   they have helpful information about getting on track and controlling your blood pressure.  Also a lot of times you can get a less expensive store brand Blood Pressure Monitor that is manufactured by Omron manufacturing company, just look for the “Manufactured By Omron” on the box.

Some suggestions on How to Get a Free Blood Presssure Monitor:

If you have insurance contact them and see if they cover a BP monitor and if so ask if they have a specific one.  Then contact your local pharmacies to see if they bill for BP monitors, if not (most local pharmacies don’t anymore) you may be able to get it through your mail order pharmacy.  Or again contact your insurance to see about reimbursement.

For those without insurance it may be a little more difficult.  Try the local Free Health clinic to see if they can help you obtain a free BP Monitor or if they know who might be able to help you get a free blood pressure monitor





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