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Fanapt Coupon 2014 Manufacturer Copay Card Voucher Free Trial Offer

There are multiple Fanapt coupon offers available. This Fanapt coupon is the Novartis manufacturer coupon for Fanapt.  Save monthly on Fanapt prescriptions as well as receive a 34 (68 tablet max) of Fanapt.

Fanapt Coupon Voucher Free Trial Offer

Receive a voucher for your first fill of Fanapt FREE.  This voucher can be printed from the manufacturers website and then used for instant savings at your local pharmacy.  The voucher entitles you to a free trial of Fanapt on any strength and can be used on multiple strengths up to a maximum of 68 tablets in a 34 day supply.  So if your doctor is titrating your prescription of Fanapt you will be able to use this voucher up to 8 times on a total of 68 tablets. Fanapt is available in 7 strengths:

  • Fanapt 1mg
  • Fanapt 2mg
  • Fanapt 4mg
  • Fanapt 6mg
  • Fanapt 8mg
  • Fanapt 10mg
  • Fanapt 12mg

You can use this Free Fanapt Coupon to cover 100% of your insurance copay, cover 100% of the cost of the medication if you are a cash patient, or even if you are on a government assisted insurance (i.e. medicaid or medicare).

Fanapt Coupon Copay Assistance Card 2014

With the Fanapt copay assistance card save up to $100 each month for up to 12 months (or program expiration). That’s a total of $1200 savings in 12 months on Fanapt prescriptions.  This savings card can be used with your insurance to help cover your copay or for cash paying patients to cover part of your medication costs.

Fanapt Discount Card

Don’t have prescription insurance to cover you Fanapt medications?  Use this drug discount card along with the previous mentioned Fanapt coupon and you may save even more on your meds.

Fanapt Coupon Discount Card

FANAPT Patient Assistance Program

Need help with your prescription of FANAPT?  Check out the FANAPT Patient Assistance Program see if you are eligible for one of the Patient Assistance Programs offered by NOVARTIS the manufacturer of FANAPT.  Check out the website or call 1-888-FANAPT8 (1-888-326-2788).  You can also sign up to receive e-mails and information on FANAPT.  


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