Exforge Exforge HCT Copay Card

Exforge Exforge HCT Copay Card $4 Monthly Copay Assistance Card

Exforge Exforge HCT copay card is a monthly Exforge or Exforge HCT assistance card.  This card should reduce your copay to $4 along with your primary insurance. To receive this Exforge or Exforge HCT savings offer you must reigster with the Get on Track Program.

Exforge Exforge HCT Copay Card Get On Track Program

The Get on Track Programis provided by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, the manufacturer of Exforge & Exforge HCT.  This program offers helpful information and provides you with resources to help Get Your Bloof Pressure On Track. With Get on Track you will learn/get info on:

  • Little ways to get your high BP down
  • Keep an eye on your BP over time
  • Health reminders
  • Get help remembering to manage your high BP
  • BP Buddy ~ Get support from a BP Buddy


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