Daytrana Patch Coupons Free

Daytrana Patch Coupons Free Trial Offer

The Daytrana Patch coupons free 30 day trial offer is for patients with government funded insurance, i.e. Medicaid. you can get this Daytrana Patch coupon free offer by registering for the Daytrana Care Program.

Daytrana Patch $60 Off Monthly Fills for 12 Months

Patients covered by private insurance or uninsured patients can receive up to $60 off their prescription and a free information kit. Complete the registration form below to receive your online coupon. Restrictions may apply.

Fill out the form and in 2-3 weeks your recieve:

  • Daytrana Information Kit that includes
  • Detailed brochure to answer your questions about Daytrana
  • Placebo (non-medicated) patch that shows how applying Daytrana is as quick as peel, place, and press.

Daytrana is an ADHD medication used for children ages 6 to 17 years of age.


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