Colcrys Coupon Offers

Multiple Colcrys Coupon Offers Available

There are about 3 Colcrys Coupon Offers available from the drug manufacturer. These Colcrys Coupon Offers are as follows:

  • 7 Tablets Free Trial Offer For Colcrys (colchicine USP)
  • Monthly Colcrys (colchicine USP) Copay Assistance Card
  • Free 30 Day Supply of Colcrys (colchicine USP) tablets the Colcrys Patient Assistance Program (for those who qualify)

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Colcrys Coupon 7 Tablet Free Trial Offer

The Colcrys (colchicine USP) is a trial offer for 7 tablets.  It’s the best way to try Colcrys (colchicine USP) tablets and see if they will work for you.  Just ask you doctor write for a prescription of 7 tablets of Colcrys, print the Colcrys Coupon Offer and get your trial on.  Offer is limited to 1 offer per patient.

Colcrys Coupon Monthly Copay Card

Colcrys Coupon monthly copay card should reduce the average Colcrys copay to $15.  This offer may be used once a month for up to 12 uses (1 year) or until the program expires.  There is a maximum Colcrys copay reduction of $75 for a one month supply of Colcrys.

Colcrys Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

Patient Assistance Programs or PAP is a manufacturer program to help those who can’t afford their medications.  In this case the manufacturers of Colcrys, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. have devloped the Takeda Help At Hand program. Depending on what your annual income is and how many dependents in your household will determine what or if you pay for your RX of Colcrys.

The Takeda Help at Hand program not only helps those who can’t afford Colcrys they also have Patient Assistance Programs for:

  • AMITIZA (lubiprostone)
  • DEXILANT (dexlansoprazole)
  • (azilsartan medoxomil)
  • (azilsartan medoxomil and chlorthalidone)
  • KAZANO (alogliptin and metformin HCL)
  • NESINA (alogliptin)
  • OSENI (alogliptin and pioglitazone)
  • ROZEREM (ramelteon)
  • ULORIC (febuxostat)


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