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PostHeaderIcon Edluar Instant Savings Copay Reduction Offer Expires 10/31/10

Enroll and save up to $180 on 5 fills of Edluar.  This copay reduction card covers your first fill of 30 tablets (up to $100) at no cost to you. Then on fills 2 through 4 pay no more than $20 for each fill (up to a toal of $80 off per fill).  This offer expires October 31, 2010.  you can either ask your doctor for the Edluar savings card or enroll online.

PostHeaderIcon 2 (Two) Ways To Save On Ambien CR 6.25mg or 12.6mg

There is more than one way to save on Ambien CR. 

First off they have the card you can instanly print and use at your local pharmacy to get 4 nights free, thats four nights of Ambien CR for sleep free.  Not sure if Ambien CR is for you, use this trial coupon.

>4 Nights Ambien CR For Free

Tried the Ambien CR and it works then there’s a savings of up to $20 off your next 12 refills, thats a total savings of up to $240 off. 

>$20 Off Ambien CR

PostHeaderIcon Save $240 On Ambien CR With Up To $20 Off 12 Refills

Save up to $20 a month (depending on your co-pay or out of pocket expenses) on 12 refills of Ambien CR 6.25mg, or Ambien CR 12.5mg. That’s a savings of up to $240 off.


Get 4 Nights Free of Ambien CR 6.25mg or 12.5mg

PostHeaderIcon Get 4 Nights Free Ambien CR 4 Night Trial Offer Free Sample

Instantly Print your coupon for 4 free nights of Ambien CR. Just print the coupon out and take to your local pharmacy (along with your Ambien CR prescription) and get your four nights for FREE. Good for only 4 tablets of the Ambien CR 6.25mg or Ambien 12.5mg.


Save up to $240 with a savings of $20 on your next 12 presciptions of Ambien CR

PostHeaderIcon advil pm liquid gels $2 local manufacturer coupon

Here’s how to get your coupon for $2 off Advil Liquid Gels: Simply fill out the form – name, address, ect. After submiting this information you will be prompted to print your coupon. You will also be eligible to receive other exclusive offers and health tips.