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PostHeaderIcon 50% Savings EpiCeram Savings Card

Save up to 50% off your copay for EpiCeram (skin barrier emulsion) with this coupon.  This savings card will take up to 50% off or $40 off wichever is less.  So if your copay is $80 or below it will take 50% off, but if your copay is more than thet the most the card will take off is $40. 

To recieve your instant print coupon just fill out an information forma and then print your coupon for up to 50% off your Epiceram prescription.

PostHeaderIcon Desonate Pay No More Than $25 Rebate Voucher Coupon

This voucher/rebate for Desonate has you paying the first $25 of the prescription then it covers the rest, up to $125.  That’s how it works for patients with insurance.   If you don’t have insurance you can sign up for this savings and use it with the FREE Pharmacy Discount Card!   (not an insurance) and it just might just help you save more money.

PostHeaderIcon Pay No More Than $25 For BenzEFoam With Or Without Insurance Rebate

Register to print your instant savings rebate coupon and pay no more than $25 for your prescription of BenzEFoam Emollient Foam.  You can use this instant savings rebate weather you have insurance or not.  Remember to keep your coupon for BenzEFoam Emollient Foam for future use, this coupon can be used up to 3 times.


PostHeaderIcon BenzaClin $20 Rebate With Insurance Or $25 Rebate For Cash Payers

Download your rebate certificate for your purchase of Benzaclin topical gel carekit.  For patients with insurance you will receive $20 savings on your next 4 prescriptions of Benzaclin.  For patients paying out of pocket who don’t have any insurance (cash payers) you will receive $25 savings on your next 4 prescriptions of Benzaclin.  Please read the terms and conditions for eligibility.


PostHeaderIcon Avidoxy DK Kit or Avidoxy Copay Assistance Card

Pay nothing for your first fill of Avidoxy DK defence kit or Avidoxy with this instant print voucher, they will pay up to $80 on your copay. Then on your second and third fills pay no more than a $10 copay for the Avidoxy DK defence kit or Aviddoxy. Must be presented with a valid prescription for Avidoxy. EXPIRES 7/31/2010


PostHeaderIcon $25 Mail In Rebate Avar Cleanser or Avar-e Cream Print Voucher

Mail in rebate for $25 on either Avar Cleanser of Avar-e Cream.  You can use this weather you have insurance or no insurance at all.  Print the rebate form from Tiber Labs and get your rebate for up to $25 off your purchase of 8oz. Avar Cleasner or Avar-e Cream.


PostHeaderIcon Coupon Save Instantly On Atopiclair Pay No More Than $25 With Insurance

You can use this coupon in one of two ways:

Print the coupon out and take to your local pharmacy with your prescription of Atopiclair and they will enter the coupon as a savings card. 


If your pharmacy isn’t set up to bill the coupon you can use it as a mail in rebate.

This voucher will take your co-pay down to $25, paying up to the maximum of $50 on your co-pay. 


PostHeaderIcon Rebate Offer $20 Off Aloquin Gel

Instantly print this rebate offer for up to $20 off your presciption of Aloquin Gel.  Just fill your RX at your local pharmacy and then send the rebate form along with anything else required and save.  This rebate is for(1 tube, 60 g Gel of Aloquin gel (1.25% iodoquinol, 1% aloe polysaccharides).


PostHeaderIcon Manufacturer Rebate $20 Off Novacort Gel Savings Coupon

Save up to $20 with this rebate form.  Print this coupon right from the internet link provided.  After you have filled your presciption for
1 tube, 29g Gel of Novacort (2% hydrocortisone acetate, 1% pramoxine HCI) you can send off for your money back.


PostHeaderIcon Manufacturer Rebate $20 off Alcortin A Savings Coupon

Get up to $20 off your next prescription (RX) of Alcortin A (1% iodoquinol, 2% hydrocortisone acetate) -1 box, 24 packs of 2g Gel. Just fill your prescription at your local pharmacy, keep your original pharmacy receipt, fill out the rebate form and send it in.


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PostHeaderIcon Aczone (dapsone) Gel Free Sample

To recieve a free sample of Aczone (dapsone) Gel 5% you need to:
-Fill out the form online
-Print the voucher for a free sample out
-Give your Doctor the voucher and see if he thinks it is right for you


Just ask your Doctor to see if he has any free samples for you.


PostHeaderIcon Savings Card For Acanya Gel

This offer is for a Co-Pay Savings card.

Use your Acanya Gel Instant Savings Card to save on out-of-pocket costs each time your Acanya Gel prescription is filled. Just present your Instant Savings Card to your pharmacist along with your prescription for Acanya Gel. When you present the card, your copay will be no higher than $25.

Offer is good only for US residents and is subject to the terms and eligibility requirements stated on the card.

To request your Acanya Gel Instant Savings Card, please call 1-866-412-5080 (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday).