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PostHeaderIcon $25 Coupon Lantus SoloStar Instant Print Savings

Lantus SoloStar coupon for $25 off is ONLY for the SoloStar prescription.  Use this coupon at your local pharmacy for a savings of $25 off your out of pocket expenses on Lantus SoloStar.


PostHeaderIcon Victoza Savings Card Save $25 off 6 Fills

Instant savings card for Victoza the new injectable comparable to Byetta. Save up to $25 off each fill of your Victoza prescription with a total savings of $150. That is if you fill your prescription 6 times. Just enroll to get your instant print coupon. If you already have a Victoza coupon you can activate the coupon as well.


PostHeaderIcon Free Blood Glucose (sugar) Monitor The Bayers Breeze 2 Machine

To get your free blood glucose monitor just follow these 4 easy steps:
1. Fill out the form with all the required infromation
2. Click SUBMIT
3. Print your coupon and bring it to your local pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor (or better yet have your doctor call in the prescription)
4. Get your free BREEZE®2 meter on the spot

You also might want to have your doctor fill out a prescription for the test strips to use with your machine, a lot of the blood glucose machines don’t come with test strips.