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PostHeaderIcon Apidra or Apidra Solostar Savings Card Coupon Voucher

These offers for $20 off 5 fills (total savings of $100) of Apidra and Apidra Solostar expire on December 31, 2010.  No registration or signing up is required, just printing a savings card. 

>Apidra savings card

>Apidra Solostar savings card

PostHeaderIcon Apidra Solostar Savings Card Up To $100 Dollars Off Coupon Voucher

This offer from the makers of Apidra Solostar expires 12/31/2010.  Save up to $20 off your next 5 fills of Apidra Solostar (depending on your co-pay) with a total savings of $100 over 5 months.  You can print this coupon instantly, and there is no registration required. 


PostHeaderIcon Apidra Savings Card Up To $100 Dollars Off Coupon Voucher Expires 12/31/10

You can instantly print this savings card for Apidra, no sign up and no registration is required. All you have to do is print the savings card and take to your local pharmacy for savings. Tha Apidra savings card offers up to a total savings of $100 off. That is a savings of $20 off five (5) fills of your Apidra prescription.