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Get your $5 off coupon on one tube of AmLactin XL Moisturizing Lotion.  You will need to install the coupon printer to print this coupon.  They also give you a chance to sign up for  additional money-saving coupons and information about the AmLactin body moisturizers.


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Use AmLActin to help soften your rough dry skin. Amlactin uses a special alpha-hydroxy blend, that helps skin retain its natural moisture. And AmLactin products are fragrance free so as to help reduce skin irritations. So get your instant print coupon for $2 off AmLactin Moisturizing Creams or Lotions.


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AmLactin Foot Cream Therapy can help to soften the skin on your feet. AmLactin has a special ingredient that helps your skin retain its natural moisture. AmLactin is fragrance free so there for it helps to reduce skin irritation. Best if used two times a day.

Get your instant print coupon and save $1 on AmLactin Foot Cream Therapy. Just print the coupon out and take to your local pharmacy for savings.


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