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PostHeaderIcon $25 off INTUNIV Plus More Savings When You Sign Up

Get your childs first prescription of INTUNIV for free. When you sign up for the free trial offer you can also sign up for inTUNE you’ll get:

•Additional information about what INTUNIV does and how it works
•A coupon for $25 off your child’s next INTUNIV prescription*
•Access to the Appointment Reminder Tool
•Valuable information during your child’s first months on INTUNIV
•Access to the inPROGRESS behavior tracker
•Access to the Refill Reminder Tool


PostHeaderIcon $25 Rebate On ProCentra For Children Ages 3 And Up

$25 rebate for any co-pay or cash expense with your prescription of ProCentra™(dextroamphetamine sulfate) Oral Solution (minimum quantity dispensed of 6 oz).

Just follow these steps:

1. Fill out the entire form and sign it.
2. Include a copy of your pharmacy informaon sheet listing your name, name of product, date, and amount paid.
3. Include a copy of your cash register receipt.
4. Mail this form, along with your pharmacy information sheet and cash register receipt to the address provided.


PostHeaderIcon Instant Printable Coupon for $50 off Vyvanse

No sign up required, just print.  This coupon is offered by the manufacturers of Vyvanse, used for children or adults, for $50 off.  You can just print out the coupon (with no signing up) and take to your local pharmacy with your prescription from your Doctor.


PostHeaderIcon Save $60 On Focalin XR Local Savings Card Instant Print

Get up to $60 off your Focalin XR prescription for a whole year with this savings card.  You can print out the savings card, no sign up needed.  Then take the savings card (with a prescription from your Doctor) to any local pharmacy and save.  This offer is good for 12 months and that coems to a savings of up to $720 a year.  Just a reminder, a Focalin XR prescription must be filled to use this Focalin XR savings card.


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PostHeaderIcon Free Local Instant Print Coupon For Concerta

Get your free printable coupon for 30 day supply of Concerta tablets, either 42 tablets of the 18mg or 30 tablets of the 36mg tablets. Just sign up and get your instanly print out your PDF format coupon. Then take the coupon (along with a presciption from your Doctor) to you local pharmacy and save on a one month supply. You’ll also have the chance to sign up for future communications about CONCERTA and ADHD.


PostHeaderIcon Daytrana Savings and Information Kit

If you are a Massachusetts resident or covered by Medicaid (or similar federal or state program), we have another offer available for you.

Patients covered by private insurance or uninsured patients can receive up to $60 off their prescription and a free information kit. Complete the registration form below to receive your online coupon. Restrictions may apply.

Fill out the form and in 2-3 weeks your recieve:

  • A Daytrana Information Kit that includes
    - A detailed brochure to answer your questions about Daytrana
    - A placebo (non-medicated) patch that shows how applying Daytrana is as quick as peel, place, and press.