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PostHeaderIcon Actonel Monthly Savings Card And One Month Free Voucher

There are two ways to save on your Actonel prescription. First receive a voucher for one month supply of Actonel free.

free actonel voucher

Then sign up for a a savings card for Actonel and pay no more than a $25 for your prescription (depending on your copay).

sign up for the actonel card

PostHeaderIcon One Month Free Actonel Offer

Note: This free trial is limited to 1 certificate per patient for each 12-month period.

So after you get the one month free trial sign up for the Actonel Savings Card

PostHeaderIcon Actonel Savings Card

Here’s how you can start saving:

  1. Complete the Required Information to find out if you qualify for the ACTONEL Patient Savings Card.
  2. Print your ACTONEL Patient Savings Card.
  3. Present the card along with your prescription for ACTONEL to your pharmacist for instant savings.
  4. Pay only $25 of your monthly co-payment.
  5. Leave the rest to us — you’re covered for up to $600 per year.

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