Arthrotec Savings Card Coupon

Arthrotec Savings Card Coupon ~ $4 Copay Card

The Arthrotec savings card coupon is a copay card that will reduce your prescription copay by UP TO $100 on each months prescription of Arthrotec.  That is a total savings of up to $1200 in 12 months and in most cases you will only have to pay $4 for each months prescription fill of Arthrotec.

For eligible patients, when used with insurance the Arthrotec Savings Card Coupon may:

  • Pay just $4 each month for brand-name ARTHROTEC
  • Save up to $100 per month in out-of-pocket costs
  • Save up to $1,200 annually in out-of pocket costs

Don’t have primary prescription insurance?  Use the Arthrotec Savings Card with the prescription discount card from and save even more.

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Sign up for and print your Arthrotec Savings Card from Pfizer and start savings today .



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