Amevive Loyaltyscript Card Savings Card

Get assistance on your out-of-pocket expenses for Amevive. Insured patients should pay no more than $20 co-pay for a single injection of Amevive. This card will help with up to 2 courses (that’s 24 vials) of Amevive in a 1 year period and is not renewable. There is no cost to enroll and it is so easy.

Eligible patients are those:
Who are insured but not on any federal government insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, ect.)
Who live in the 50 states or Puerto Rico, except Massachusetts
Who are 18 years of age or older
Who receive Amevive through a local retail pharmacy or special pharmacy
Who are uninsured (those who pay out of pocket)

Just call 1-866-263-8483 and talk to a Astellas Reimbursement Specialist to see if you are eligible.


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