Aggrenox Coupon 2013 2014 Manufacturer Coupon

Aggrenox Coupon for 2013 and 2014 is a monthly copay assistance card good for 24 months.  This card is valid through 12/24/14 (unless canceled by the drug manufacturer).  You may only pay $10 for each months prescription of Aggrenox, with this manufacturer drug coupon.  This savings card will take up to $100 off your monthly prescription, reducing your copay to $10.

Along with getting the Aggrenox coupon you can sign up for Taking Smart Steps program.  This program is a free support program with that features:

  1. Practical tips on lowering your stroke risk factors
  2. Healthy choices for diet and exercise
  3. How to maintain a positive attitude and relieve stress
  4. Action plan tools and medication tracker to help you stay on track


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