Abreva Instant Print Coupon

Abreva Instant Print Coupon Save $2 On Abreva

The Abreva instant print coupon is available from the manufacturer and will save you $2 on your purchase of the Abreva medicated cream.  To receive this coupon they do require registration.

What is ABREVA used for?

Abreva is the only non-prescription cold medication approved by the FDA to shorten healing time and duration of symptoms.

What is a cold sore?

Typically caused by  Type 1 Herpes Virus, a cold sore is a blister that usually forms around or even on the lip.  Most commonly contracted in early childhood (can be passed in the saliva and children should be discoureaged from sharing cups).  Since it lays dormant in the body it can be hard to tell when it was first contracted.

Abreva is available in a medicated cream that heal and fight the cold sore virus. Abreva is now available to help protect with the  Abreva Conceal.


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