Drug coupons can save you hundreds of dollars on your prescription medications. In the US drug coupons are usually offered from the manufacturer (the makers of your prescription drugs). The drug manufacturer will usually have drug reps go to Pharmacies and Doctors offices to pass out their manufacturer coupons, rebates, or savings cards for their brand of drug. However the internet has made it possible for the consumer to get a hold of the manufacturer coupons and in most cases instantly print them offline.

You can find prescription drug coupons for almost all your prescription needs: drug coupons for cholesterol, drug coupons for acne, drug coupons for migraines, drug coupons for allergies, drug coupons for diabetes, drug coupons for high blood pressure, ect.

Search for drug coupons by name or by category of illness. Drugstore coupons for Cholesterol, Alzheimers, Diabetes, ADD / ADHD, and many more.

Find discount cards for animal prescriptions as well. Use discount cards for your pets at retail pharmacies. Pet Prescription Discount Card

ADVATE Copay Assistance Program

ADVATE COPAY Assistance Program offers assistance to those who qualify.  For those who qualify for Baxalta CoPay Assistance Program offers financial assistance to eligible patients. If you qualify, you can: Save up to $12,000 over 12 months on ADVATE* Receive reimbursement for your portion of your medication costs You may be eligible for CoPay assistance if: […]

Xolair Copay Assistance Programs

Xolair Copay Assistance Programs The are multiple Xolair copay assistance programs available to help you with your Xolair copay.  Whether you have prescription insurance, no prescription insurance, or if your under insured. XOLAIR Co-pay Card Program Those who qualify for the Xolair co-pay card program can use the Xolair copay card to reduce their copay. […]

Lotemax Discount Coupon

Lotemax Discount Coupon ~ Pharmacy Discount Card The Lotemax discount coupon can be used in place of your prescription insurance or if you don’t have insurance.  This Lotemax discount coupon is not insurance, just simply a discount card that may reduce your copay.  There is no manufacturer Lotemax discount coupon available at this time, this […]

Duavee Manufacturer Coupon

Duavee Manufacturer Coupon ~ Copay Savings Card The Duavee manufacturer coupon is a copay savings card.  This savings card will help reduce your Duavee prescription with up to $70 off.  A Duavee manufacturer coupon will reduce most copays to a $25 charge with up to a maximum of $490 savings over 7 months.  With the […]